“Spiritual Art” is a new age form of art that includes paintings, photographs, sculpture and mixed media.

Some of the most valuable works relate to the inclusion of “crystals” in such works of art.

Others include spiritual quotes and affirmations woven into the art.


The internationally renowned Visionary Artist, Tia Crystal

has long attracted a select and international circle of collectors, drawn by her organic style and enchanting persona.

Tia’s artistic career had unconventional beginnings.

Just seven short years ago, a vision came to her in a dream guiding her to Italy.

In response, and with complete trust, she left to embark on a journey that would have a profound life changing impact on her .

Today she is a – Contemporary Organic Artist –  her work is unmatched

in its color’s, scope, variety, and deep spiritual meaning.


Tia’s complex surfaces and organic textures have been compared to the likes of Peter Max and Chagall.  


Photography by: ©Michael B. Lloyd


Tia’s method of painting is making its own unique imprint in the history of Contemporary Art.

She paints mostly at night when others are sleeping.

Applying paint in a meditative state she is able to bring forth visions beyond this world.

Her crystal complex surfaces are created over time; allowing the natural elements to interact with the paint and canvas.

It often feels as if time and nature have created these deeply etched and layered surfaces.




Organic expressionism is a new mode of Art-making that

combines the scientific insights of New Age with Mankind’s ancient wisdom.

Obeying the messenger that day, set her on the path to creating art

that leaves one not only mesmerized but intoxicated with inner and outer peace.




The source of Tia’s art and her life lies in her eclectic spiritual experiences that have a span of over 30 years.

She has been trained in Buddhism, Hinduism, Shamanism and the deep sacredness of being. 






Spiritual art works become a living form of immortality as a 3-D work of art

becomes a “Personal Portrait” of an individual’s essence, spirit and life.

The following spiritual work depicts a woman with “What If” tapes and poems

on enlightenment as a 3-D work of art created by Larry Samson:




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